Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall 2015 Update

Sorry it's been such a long time since I've last posted here. Life has been really busy and I haven't had time to keep up a blog. But I have some important news for you!

First, Flight of the Squawkatiel is back on WRUV for the fall semester at the usual time - Wednesday nights from 8-10 pm.

Now the big news: This will be Flight of the Squawkatiel's final semester at WRUV.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving WRUV. I still plan on doing a show into 2016 and beyond, at my usual time. I just felt it was time to mix things up and bring some more excitement and new ideas to my show. I don't want this to be the show that goes "here's the latest brand new music from the artists you already know" - I want it to be more unique and personalized. Since I have been at WRUV for over 4 years, I have a clearer idea of the kind of show I want to have.

The show will have a new name that I haven't chosen yet, but I still will go by DJ McSquawk since that's how I'm known at WRUV. I would still like the name of the new show to have "Squawk" or "Squawkatiel" in it. If you have any name suggestions, feel free to leave them here!

The new show will take over from Flight of the Squawkatiel once WRUV's Spring 2016 schedule begins. Here's what you can expect from the new show:
  • The format will be more freeform, no longer 1 hour of new music + 1 hour from my collection. About 2/3rds new music, and the rest will be some old favorites from my collection and listener requests. The new music will be a rotating mix of about 15 different artists, with 5-8 new ones debuting each week.
  • The music will be similar to what I already play on my show - a blend of indie rock, dream pop, electronica, acoustic/folk rock, energetic pop rock, and anything else that sounds good in between. Your soundtrack to Wednesday nights in Burlington!
  • I will be incorporating more of my favorite discoveries of unsigned/independent artists on Soundcloud and Spotify and giving them more exposure. I'm also interested in doing interviews with some of these artists, and playing them on the show.
  • I will interact more with listeners on this show rather than just playing music. In today's world where you can easily stream any music at any time, I want to use the radio to offer something unique you can't find anywhere else.
This will be a very exciting time for me. Thanks to everyone who has listened to my show the past 4 years, and thanks to all the artists who provided the great music I've played on my show. Keep tuned in to Flight of the Squawkatiel the next few months on 90.1 WRUV, and check back here or on Facebook or Twitter for more updates on the new show.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Squawkatiel Madness 2015: Grand Final

After 5 rounds of voting, you have selected Jenny Lewis and Rubblebucket as the final two artists competing for the title of Squawkatiel Madness Champion!

The winner will get a special show dedicated to their music on April 30th, including selections from their side projects, remixes and covers of their songs by other artists, and other cool stuff. But now is the time to decide who that will be!


If you vote above, not only do you get to decide who you want to win Squawkatiel Madness 2015, but you can also request a song you want to hear on their victory show next week!

Voting ends April 30th at 9 pm. You will be able to call in your vote as well during the first hour of that night's show.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Squawkatiel Madness 2015 Round 5 - Get your votes in!

We're down to the Feathered Four of Squawkatiel Madness 2015! After 5 weeks of voting, we are left with just four artists remaining in the tournament: tUnE-yArDs, Jenny Lewis, The Decemberists, and Rubblebucket.

We need your votes! So far no one has voted (besides myself) so if you want to have a say in which of these four will get a special show dedicated to their music the night of April 30th, vote below:


This is your chance to decide whether it will be tUnE-yArDs or Jenny Lewis taking on The Decemberists or Rubblebucket in the final match of Squawkatiel Madness 2015! You have until Thursday, April 23rd at 6 pm to get your votes in. That night, I will announce who your final two remaining artists are in Squawkatiel Madness who will compete for your vote this coming week.

If you're unsure of who to vote for, here is a playlist of videos from all 4 artists to help you decide:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Squawkatiel Madness 2015: The Feathered Four - voting has opened!


We are down to just 4 bands left in Squawkatiel Madness 2015 - the Feathered Four! One of these four artists will get a special show dedicated to their music on April 30th, and you get to decide who it will be!

But right now, you need to decide which two artists will battle it out in the Grand Finale next week! The matches for this round are:

(4) tUnE-yArDs vs. (5) Jenny Lewis

(2) The Decemberists vs. (2) Rubblebucket

If you're not sure who to vote for, check out these music videos from all four artists below:

Voting for this round ends Thursday, April 23rd at 6 pm. Tune into that night's show to find out who made it to the final match of Squawkatiel Madness 2015!


Squawkatiel Madness 2015: Round 4 results!

The votes are in and the Feathered Four for Squawkatiel Madness 2015 have been decided! Here are the final scores:

(winner in bold)

Match #1: tUnE-yArDs vs. Bombay Bicycle Club

tUnE-yArDs 3
Bombay Bicycle Club 1

Match #2: Jenny Lewis vs. Foster the People

Jenny Lewis 2
Foster the People 1*

Match #3: Pixies vs. The Decemberists

Pixies 1
The Decemberists 3

Match #4: Spoon vs. Rubblebucket

Spoon 1
Rubblebucket 3

*means this match ended in a tie, and DJ McSquawk's vote was discarded.

Voting has opened for Round 5! CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Last chance to vote in Round 4 of Squawkatiel Madness 2015!

Voting for Round 4 in Squawkatiel Madness 2015 is almost over! You have until Thursday, April 16 at 6 pm to get your votes in.


The matches for this round are:

(4) tUnE-yArDs vs. (14) Bombay Bicycle Club
(8) Pixies vs. (2) The Decemberists
(5) Jenny Lewis vs. (14) Foster the People
(5) Spoon vs. (2) Rubblebucket

The eventual winner will get a special show dedicated to their music on my April 30th show!

Sadly, Flight of the Squawkatiel will not be on WRUV this Thursday because I will be out sick, but I will announce the results of Squawkatiel Madness on this blog, my Facebook and Twitter! Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Squawkatiel Madness 2015: Round 3 Results/Round 4 begins!


The votes are in, and you, the listeners, have chosen your Avian Eight in Squawkatiel Madness 2015! Pleasantly surprised with the results. At this point, any of these eight artists could win, and get a special show dedicated to their music on my April 30th show!

Here are the final scores (winner in bold):

Match #1: (1) Mac DeMarco vs. (4) tUnE-yArDs

Mac DeMarco 1
tUnE-yArDs 3

Match #2: (2) Real Estate vs. (14) Bombay Bicycle Club

Real Estate 1
Bombay Bicycle Club 3

Match #3: (1) TV on the Radio vs. (5) Jenny Lewis

TV on the Radio 1
Jenny Lewis 3

Match #4: (7) Modest Mouse vs. (14) Foster the People

Modest Mouse 1*
Foster the People 2

Match #5: (8) Pixies vs. (5) Deerhoof

Pixies 3
Deerhoof 1

Match #6: (2) The Decemberists vs. (3) The New Pornographers

The Decemberists 4
The New Pornographers 0

Match #7: (1) Stars vs. (5) Spoon

Stars 1
Spoon 3

Match #8: (2) Rubblebucket vs. (3) Alt-J

Rubblebucket 3
Alt-J 1

*means match resulted in a tie, and DJ McSquawk's vote was discarded.

The matches for Round 4 are:

(4) tUnE-yArDs vs. (14) Bombay Bicycle Club

(5) Jenny Lewis vs. (14) Foster the People

(8) Pixies vs. (2) The Decemberists

(5) Spoon vs. (2) Rubblebucket